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Customer appointments – booking app instead of your paper diary and standard calendar apps!

The most important advantage in comparison with the use of built-in Calendar and Reminders is the “instantaneous” complete statistics on clients and completed work, including income calculation! In addition, using Customer Appointments you can stop using your Contacts to store customers information – make phone calls and send text reminders to clients directly from the application.

Customer appointments is an application for self-employed professionals who work with their clients individually. Are you a beauty master? Or do you have a private law practice? Hairdressers, stylists, make-up artists, masseurs, designers, as well as representatives of many other professions, can greatly simplify the organization of work with clients using our application. Customer database and organizer, mini CRM, appointments scheduling and reminders, as well as statistics and analytics for the work performed, including income calculation are now always with you on your mobile device. You will no longer forget about the upcoming meeting with the client, or the address of the venue.

The convenient interface of the main view is made in the form of a calendar. You can see at once all the activities planned for each day of the month. View appointment information, customer data, make a phone call or send a reminder to the client can be performed in 4 touches from the calendar form. You can also book an appointment with the client from the form of customer information. The dates of the nearest scheduled appointments are displayed in the client list, as well as reminders of VIP clients’ birthdays.

Use customer appointments to:
– store information about customers, including by copying data from the contacts;
– visually track the “activity” of customers, directly from the client list;
– plan work with clients, adding events to the working calendar;
– visually distinguish in the calendar sessions of work at home, mobile work, simple reminders, as well as days-off – weekends, holidays and vacations;
– receive notifications (reminders) about each upcoming event;
– sync appointments data and reminders across all your Apple devices;
– conveniently edit customer data and information about events;
– analyze information on the types of work performed, customer “activity” and calculate income;
– view entire appointments history for the particular client;
– change the appearance of the application interface with themes.

Customer appointments has an intuitive user interface, using only the standard views and controls familiar to every user of mobile applications.

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